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Moscow, Russia
August 6, 2009

Press release # 6
US contributions to WRTC-2010 via NCDXF

We are happy to announce that we came to the agreement with the Northern California DX Foundation that USA residents wishing to contribute to WRTC-2010 can do it via NCDXF by mailing checks payable to "NCDXF" with the notation Уfor WRTC-2010Ф written thereon, to Rusty Epps W6OAT, 651 Handley Trail, Emerald Hills, CA 94062.

Donations made via NCDXF are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law for US taxpayers.

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

Supported by:

Moscow region government
Moscow region government
Samsung Electronics
Ural Contest Group
Northern California DX Foundation
The YASME Foundation
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