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Moscow, Russia
June 19, 2010

Press release # 26
WRTC Special Callsigns

We would like to announce that the General Radio Frequency Centre of Russian Federation has just issued special callsigns to be used during WRTC-2010 contest.

R31A R31D R31N R31U R31X

R32C R32F R32K R32O R32R R32W R32Z

R33A R33G R33L R33M R33Q R33U

R34C R34D R34O R34P R34W R34X R34Y R34Z

R36C R36F R36K R36O R36W R36Y R36Z

R37A R37G R37L R37M R37P R37Q R37U

R38F R38K R38N R38O R38W R38X

R39A R39D R39M R39R

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

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Moscow region government
Moscow region government
Samsung Electronics
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Northern California DX Foundation
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