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Moscow, Russia
August 4, 2009

Press release # 3
IARU-2009 contest operations from WRTC fields

We would like to inform you that during IARU contest we had 3 teams checking propagation and environment using exactly the same WRTC setups and WRTC contest rules as you will be using in 2010.

The call signs they had to use were quite unusual both to them and to the most contesters - R32WRTC, R38WRTC and R39WRTC. Even with such long calls and no special arrangements with contesting public they managed to make around 1700 QSOs each on all bands including 250-300 QSOs on 80m.

    The setups were:
  • 12 m tower with G-800 antenna rotor
  • HF37 - 2-2-3 el full size 20-15-10 m tri-bander
  • Inverted V - 40 m
  • Inverted V - 80m
  • 2 radios - 100 w output controlled
  • custom made switching system
  • 2,2 kW power generator, tent, 2 tables, 3 chairs<.li>

Access to their Cabrillo format files is at IARU contest logs of UAs from WRTC-2010 WEB page www.wrtc2010.ru

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

Supported by:

Moscow region government
Moscow region government
Samsung Electronics
Ural Contest Group
Northern California DX Foundation
The YASME Foundation
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