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Moscow, Russia
May 12, 2010

Press release # 21
More changes in TL, TM and TRs

As a result of recent correspondence with a number of Team Leaders, Team Mates and Referees we would like to announce the changes below.

1. Team Leader and Team Mate change.

Mitch K7RL has resigned as Team Leader of USA #4 for personal reasons.

According to the rules the next Team Leader in the list is Bob Wolbert, K6XX who received the right to name Area NA # 4 second team. Bob has chosen Rick Tavan, N6XI as his Team Mate. Rusty W6OAT is kept as their Team Referee.

2. Referees change.

Andrea IV3SKB and Jussi-Pekka OH6RX have resigned as Team Referees for personal reasons.

Stefano IK2QEI and Toni OH2UA have offered Flavio IK1SPR and Mikko OH4XX respectively.

The WRTC-2010 organizing committee welcomes K6XX, N6XI, IK1SPR and OH4XX to join our great event.

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

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