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Moscow, Russia
April 10, 2010

Press release # 16
Latest changes in TL, TM and TRs

As a result of recent correspondence with a number of Team Leaders, Team Mates and Referees we would like to announce the changes below.

1. Team Leaders change.
Matteo IZ3EYZ has resigned as Team Leader of EU1 for personal reasons.

According to the rules Dave G4BUO received the right to name a new UK team but he confirmed that he would stay in a team of G4PIQ as his Team Mate. It meant that EU1 had a shortage of teams. At the same time we had a late application of IK2QEI with 5.544 points being 3rd from Italy. Contacting IK2QEI we found out that he expressed his wish to participate.

Taking all these issues into consideration the WRTC-2010 organizing committee as well as the WRTC-2010 Judging Committee have taken a unanimous decision to invite Stefano IK2QEI to be EU1 Team Leader from Italy.

IK2QEI has decided to stay with Ik2NCJ as his Team Mate and IV3SKB as their Team Referee.

2. Team Mates change.
Kevin K7ZS, Zoli HA1AG and Olli HP1WW have resigned as Team Mates of K7RL, HA3OV and HI3TEJ respectively for personal reasons, so their Team Leaders had to find TM replacements.

Mitch K7RL named Dick N6AA his new Team Mate
Anti HA3OV named HA6PX his new Team Mate
Ted HI3TEJ is looking for his new Team Mate.

3. Referees change.
Andy VE7AHA and Bernie ZS4TX have resigned as Referees for personal reasons.

The WRTC-2010 Judging committee has voted to invite George N2GA and Dmitry RA9USU from the back-up referees list to join the WRTC-2010 referees.

The WRTC-2010 organizing committee welcomes IK2QEI, N6AA, HA6PX, N2GA and RA9USU to join our great event.

WRTC-2010 organizing committee

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