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Moscow, Russia
October 11, 2009

Press release # 9
Team Leaders chosen for WRTC-2010

We are pleased to announce that according to the Selection Criteria the following Team Leaders were chosen to be WRTC-2010 participants:

1.AFRICAArea 1EA8CAC4 562.20 pts
2.ASIAArea 1JK3GAD3 005.30 pts
3.ASIAArea 2UA9CLB7 351.80 pts
4.UA9AM6 428.30 pts
5.ASIAArea 3UN9LW5 790.20 pts
6.5B4WN5 133.80 pts
7.UN7LZ3 784.90 pts
8.EUROPEArea 1G4PIQ6 222.10 pts
9.IZ3EYZ6 160.00 pts
10.I2WIJ5 795.70 pts
11.F6BEE5 398.40 pts
12.EUROPEArea 2DL6FBL6 650.80 pts
13.HA3OV6 493.50 pts
14.OM2VL6 392.30 pts
15.OM3BH5 987.00 pts
16.DJ5MW5 952.60 pts
17.EUROPEArea 3ES5TV7 196.40 pts
18.OH2UA6 486.20 pts
19.LY9Y6 002.70 pts
20.OH6UM5 978.80 pts
21.LY9A5 776.90 pts
22.EUROPEArea 44O3A6 584.50 pts
23.YT1AD6 507.10 pts
24.YO3JR6 321.70 pts
25.S50A6 180.50 pts
26.UU4JMG6 152.20 pts
27.EUROPEArea 5RW1AC7 228.40 pts
28.RV3BA6 783.60 pts
29.CENTRAL AMERICAArea 1HI3TEJ4 690.00 pts
30.NORTH AMERICAArea 1K5ZD7 317.00 pts
31.K1ZM6 710.20 pts
32.N2NT6 529.40 pts
33.NORTH AMERICAArea 2W9RE6 940.00 pts
34.W4PA5 830.00 pts
35.NORTH AMERICAArea 3N2IC7 242.20 pts
36.N5DX6 509.60 pts
37.NORTH AMERICAArea 4N6MJ6 670.00 pts
38.K7RL6 501.10 pts
39.NORTH AMERICAArea 5VE3DZ6 711.30 pts
40.NORTH AMERICAArea 6VE7CC6 510.00 pts
41.SOUTH AMERICAArea 1PY8AZT6 786.90 pts
42.SOUTH AMERICAArea 2YV1DIG5 087.40 pts
43.OCEANIAArea 1VK2IA5 902.60 pts
44.OCEANIAArea 2KH6ND5 896.30 pts

* LY9A got a WRTC seat due to #2 in Europe Area 3 ES2RR confirmed to be a team member of ES5TV team.

We expect Team Mates and Team Referees nominations until November 1, 2009.


WRTC-2010 organizing committee

Supported by:

Moscow region government
Moscow region government
Samsung Electronics
Ural Contest Group
Northern California DX Foundation
The YASME Foundation
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