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Austria Austria OE3DIA/OE6MBG

Team Leader
OE3DIA Callsign:OE3DIA
Name:Ivan Dobrocky
Used calls:ol8cjo, ok3cum, ok3la, om3la, om9xr, om5a, om3kfo, om3kfv, om5snp, oe1dia, oe4c, oe4a, is0/om3la, sv9/om3la, kp4/oe1dia, 8q7la, cn2ib, vk3aal/4, vk3aal/3, mj/om3la, ct3/om3la, 9a/om3la, fg/om3la, oe3dia, oe3k

I have been active in amateur radio since entering the club station OK3KFO back in 1976. I got my first licence at the age of 16. I was an active member of different club stations in Slovakia. We moved to Vienna, Austria in 1996. I had a small station in the city center not suitable for serious contesting so I concentrated my effort on dx-peditions during my summer or winter vacations. I had the privilege to enter the OM8A contest team in 2004. I enjoy M/S contesting, my favourite SO category is all band, my favourite contests are RDXC, IOTA and WPX. I am looking forward to meet you in Moscow.

Team Mate
OE6MBG Callsign:OE6MBG
Name:Michael Schwab
Used calls:OE6MBG, AH6JN, W1AUS, 5Z4AA

Pleased to be invited to participate with Ivan, OE3DIA, in this prestigious competition. Have been in contesting since 1973 when OE6HZG introduced me to this fascinating sport, Looking forward to meeting and greeting many famous and respected contesters in Moscow. Wishing everybody a successful stay and thanks to the organizers for assuming the gargantuan task of organizing this event!

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Moscow region government
Moscow region government
Samsung Electronics
Ural Contest Group
Northern California DX Foundation
The YASME Foundation
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